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Window & Door FAQs

How do I ensure my measurements are correct for quotation purposes?

To roughly measure windows and door dimensions, please follow the steps below:-

  • Decide which product you would like a quotation for.
  • Indicate whether you require Supply Only or Supply & Fit.
  • Measure window /door from edge to edge of the visible frame or opening (please see diagram below).
  • All window & door measurements should be given as width by height  eg. 1000w x 1500h
  • Roughly sketch the window/door showing the design & sizes required, as below
  • Indicate what part of the window/door should be open or fixed, as below
  • Indicate quantity of windows/doors required
  • Repeat for any other units required

The width, height and design will be sufficient for Carlson to prepare a quotation for either supply only or supply and fit.

However, if you decide to proceed we would advise you to ask the professional fitter to take accurate window & door measurements or if you are using our Carlson Supply & Fit Service we will arrange a convenient date for a site survey visit.

Example of How to Measure Window / Door Dimensions & Sizes for Quotation purposes



Who should provide dimensions?

The person installing the new windows & doors is the best person to provide dimensions.

However for quoting purposes a rough measurement would suffice.

Can Carlson install the windows and doors?

Yes we can supply only or supply and fit, please contact us for further information

Are Carlson’s products supplied pre-glazed?

Yes Carlson’s products supplied are pre–glazed.

We also offer a number of glazing options for new windows to not only enhance your glazing but glazing bar options to correspond and suit your property.

Where are Carlson products made?

Carlson supplies premium Scandinavian products mainly sourced in Denmark

What type of windows do Carlson Supply?

Carlson offers a wide range of windows. Each product is custom made to order to your individual specifications, such as size and finish. The range includes:

  • Sliding sash window
  • Side window Guided
  • Side hung window
  • Top guided window
  • Top-hung window
  • Top guided reversible window
  • Tilt and Turn window
  • Special Designs (curved / angular)
What type of Doors do Carlson Supply?

Carlson offers a wide range of Doors. Each product is custom made to order to your individual specifications, such as size and finish. The range includes:

  • Entrance Door
  • Back Door
  • French Door (single & Double)
  • Stable Door (also known as Half-Door)
  • Sliding Patio Door
  • Folding Door
Will installing Carlson windows help me to reduce my energy bills and meet future building standards?

Upgrading to a thermal energy efficient window will make your home more comfortable to live in

It will also help in reducing your carbon footprint and in turn reduce your energy bills and meet future building standards.

Pricing & Ordering FAQs

How can I get a Windows and Doors Quotation?

To get a Windows and Doors Quotation, you can either:

  • Contact us by phone or email
  • Sketch or send us a copy of your project plans with a cover note by post or email
  • Visit our showroom where we are happy to discuss and discuss your plans requirements.


How long does it take to generate a quotation?

A standard Quote would be returned in about 3-4 working days, this will depend on the specification sent to us.

For larger and more complex queries, please allow 5-6 working days for a quotation.

How do I place an order?

You will need to accept our quotation in writing by email or mail.

Do you have a standard price list?

Unlike other companies, Carlson produce custom made windows and doors to fit the needs of the customer and priced accordingly. We do not sell “off the shelf” products.

Through our advanced manufacturing process we are able to provide customers with exactly what they require at a competitive price and can generally deliver within 4-6 weeks of order confirmation.

This means that each job needs to be priced individually.

Delivery FAQ

What is the normal Windows and Doors delivery time?

We offer fast, reliable Window and Door delivery for most of our product range.

This may be dependent on the products and quantities ordered. In general Window and Door deliveries take place within 4-6 weeks once order confirmation has been received.


How will my order be delivered?

We will notify you when to expect your Windows and Doors delivery and also confirm the size and weight of the pallets to be unloaded.

Your order will then be delivered by truck on a pallet, which will be shrink–wrapped for transportation purposes.

If you have questions about your delivery please contact us.

Where will my order be delivered?

We will deliver your order directly to your specified location / site throughout the country.

Window and Door deliveries can be scheduled to arrive on one or more occasion in order to correspond with your construction schedule.

What if a delivered item is incorrect, broken or damaged?

In the few cases where there is a problem with a delivered item, please be assured that Carlson are on hand to help.

We want all our customers to receive top quality goods so if there is a product or a manufacturing defect, a service technician will visit your site to correct, repair or replace the affected item at no additional cost.

If your products are damaged on site, we can arrange for one of our service technicians to visit the site and solve the problem for a pre-agreed fee.

Other FAQs

How often will my windows need to be re-decorated?

For our Timber product range we usually expect our coatings to last approximately 5 to 8 years.

This, however, is dependent on a number environmental factors such as the windows exposure to the elements which will depend on the location of your property.

Do Carlson offer a product warranty?

Yes Carlson offer a robust 10 Year Product Warranty.

What are the payment terms?

Please see our terms of business for full information on our Payment Terms.

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At Carlson we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products and service. This commitment not only refers to the sale, fitting and delivery process of your custom doors & windows, but we also offer a comprehensive after sales service to include full 10 Year Product Warranty.

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Pricing & Ordering

If you have just started on your new project you will have many choices to make. One of the most fundamental is new windows and doors, which can have a big impact on your build.
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We specialize in premium quality, energy efficient windows and doors with a 10 Year Product Warranty, low u-Values and excellent safety and security locking systems.
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