Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

Carlson specialize in energy efficient windows and doors with low u-Values. All our products exceed Irish & UK Building Regulations and Standards.


Energy efficient windows and doors reduce your heating bills and make your home more comfortable.  That is why it is so important to understand the role that windows play in how buildings use energy.


The Environment

From an environmental point of view, the ability to retain indoor heat is one of the most important features of a window.

Our Climate-smart products have been designed and manufactured with an environmental policy and sustainability in mind.  Energy conservation is a top priority for all Carlson windows and doors.


Every single element of our windows and doors has been designed to deal with the harshest weather. Low ‘E’ Argon filled glass with warm edge spacer bars come as standard in our double and triple glazed products.

Low ‘E’ Glass

Carlson uses Low ‘E’ glass on all our products. Low ‘E’ stands for “Low Emissivity”. A microscopically thin invisible layer of metallic film is coated on the inside face of the outside pane of the glass. This allows sunlight (heat) to enter through the glass, while at the same time reducing any heat loss from the room.

Argon Filled Energy Glass

Carlson uses “Argon Filled” Energy Glass as standard, in all our products. This provides additional insulation in our Double & Triple Glazed Units.

Warm Edge Technology

Warm Edge Spacer Bars, which come as standard in our Window and Door products. These provide better insulation and helps prevent condensation forming on the inside of the window or door, by avoiding a cold bridge.


In order to measure the energy efficiency of a Window or Door there are different ratings.


U-Value Ratings

Simply put U-Value ratings indicate how energy efficient a window or door is, in other words how well it keeps heat inside your home.

U-Values are a measure of the total heat flow through a window or door, from the air inside the room, to the air outside. The lower the number is, the better the insulation.

G-Value Ratings

However, other factors such as G-Value also come into play. Also known as Solar Heat Gain, g-Values are a measure of the free radiant heat that enters your home through the glass.

This can also be a consideration when choosing high performance Windows & Doors.

Double Glazing

All our products are available in energy efficient Double Glazing.

Our Timber windows and doors are manufactured from high quality Scandinavian pine – an excellent insulator.

Our AluClad windows are the same as our Timber Range, with a maintenance free aluminium cladding added to the exterior.

Triple Glazing

Our Timber & Alu-Clad Ranges are also available in Triple Glazing, which provides additional insulation and acoustic ratings.

Triple Glazing can be ideal for well insulated, energy efficient homes and/or where noise is an issue, such as busy roads, rail lines, airports etc.

Carlson U-Value Ratings

Carlson are continually improving our u-Value Ratings through research and development to ensure our windows and doors are as energy efficient as possible so you save money on your utility bills.

U-Value ratings indicate how energy efficient a window or door is.  The lower the number, the better the insulation.

What Our Customer’s Say

“Am I happy with Carlson windows and doors?  Absolutely!  Being a bit of a nerd, I spent a long time researching the available scientific data on heat retention, costs, benefits, testimonials with a questioning attitude and a dash of skepticism.

The final decision was made when I spoke to two home owners with personal experience of Carlson, and saw for myself the finished product years after installation.  I was very impressed by the knowledgeable salesman, no pressure tactics, just answered our questions in a straightforward manner.  He didn’t over-promise, but his colleagues certainly delivered, on time, on budget and with minimal disruption to our busy family.

The team doing the installation, took an obvious pride in their work and the company they work for.  I enjoyed several mugs of tea with the team; they were clean, tidy, hard-working, reliable, efficient, unobtrusive and professional.

A year later, I am delighted I chose Carlson, perhaps not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for.  I would be delighted to talk to any potential customers, and no I’m getting nothing for this testimonial.”

Brendan, Mount Merrion



Carlson Aluclad Windows

The perfect low-maintenance choice. Featuring the warmth of solid timber on the inside and extra protection aluminium cladding on the outside, they’re long-lasting and energy efficient.



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