Choosing Triple Glazing

Wondering if new Triple Glaze Windows are right for your home? Here are some things to consider.

Triple Glazed Windows – Advantages

  • Triple glazing should give better Insulation (uValues), than double glazing.
  • It gives a better Acoustic Rating, where noise is an issue eg. busy roads, rail lines, airports etc.
  • Each of the three panes of glass is separated by a spacer bar, creating an air gap or cavity
  • The cavities provide the insulation and reduce condensation
  • We include argon gas between the panes, which insulates better than air
  • Triple Glazing reduces energy usage in a home.

Triple Glaze Windows – Disadvantages

  • Triple Glazed Windows are approx 50% heavier than double glazed windows
  • The amount of Solar Gain (gValues), free heat from the sun, is reduced by Triple Glazing
  • They reduce the amount of light entering a room by approx 10%
  • Triple Glazing is more expensive than double glazing

Triple Glazing & Effective Insulation

The space (cavity) between each pane of glass determines how effective the insulation is.

The cavities should have the following depths:

  • in a double glazing unit – a 16mm cavity
  • Triple glazing units need two spacer bars each with a 16mm cavity
  • Standard glass is typically 4mm
  • then the ideal depth of a double glazed unit is 4 + 16 + 4 = 24mm
  • and the ideal depth of a triple glazed unit is 4 + 16 + 4 + 16 + 4 = 44mm

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What to Avoid!

Beware of companies who avoid the expense of developing a new triple glazed window profile and instead simply uses their existing Double Glazed System and try to “shoehorn” a triple glazed unit into say a 24mm cavity.

This means each cavity is only 6mm, which simply cannot give the insulation performance required and you will end up with a sub-standard product.

In fact, a high performance double glazed window system will often outperform a poor quality triple glazed window system.

What to watch out for!

Beware of companies offering to “throw in” Triple Glazing for the same price as Double Glazing.

Poor quality Triple Glazed units can mean that you get NO  performance improvement, however the additional weight of the glass can lead to problems.

It is vital therefore that the hinges used in Triple Glazed windows and doors can carry this additional weight over the entire lifetime of the product.

But if the window is poorly constructed it will not be efficient.

Carlson supply the highest quality triple glazed windows in Ireland.

Are Triple Glazed Windows better than Double Glazed?

This is a question we get asked a lot.  It depends – generally Triple Glazed Windows and Doors suit houses that have comprehensive insulation throughout.

This includes the walls, roof etc. so that the benefit gained by the triple glazed windows and doors is not lost through other parts of the house.

So for your own home it is worth looking at the following:

  • The existing insulation in the roof and walls
  • The orientation of your house
  • Whether noise reduction is important
  • Where and how much glazing you are looking to install

The Importance of good Construction and Installation

However, remember no matter how many panes of glass there are, if the window is poorly constructed, poorly installed or allows air leakage, it will not be efficient.

At Carlson, our windows and doors are of such premium quality that we can offer a 10 Year Warranty on all our products.

Therefore, it goes without saying that, the correct fitting and installation is of paramount importance to us.

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