Why Choose Carlson

At Carlson every window and door is custom made to your exacting window and door designs.

We offer the highest quality products, guaranteeing our customers a unique selection of sustainable, premium and long lasting products to a world class design.

Custom Made Windows & Doors

All our products are made to measure to your exact requirements. We can provide you with a choice of fenestrations, glazing and colour options.

We supply our Customers with unique designs of high quality windows and doors, without compromising on delivery time.

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About Carlson

Carlson was founded in 1995 and has 20 employees. Since 2006 Carlson has been a part of Inwido. Inwido improves people’s lives indoors with windows and doors. As Europe’s leading window group, Inwido’s business concept is to develop and sell the market’s best customized window and door solutions through a decentralized structure and with a focus on the consumer-driven market in order to create long-term sustainable growth, organically and through acquisitions. Inwido consists of 34 business units with approximately 4,700 employees in twelve countries. In 2023 group sales amounted to SEK 9 billion with an operating EBITA margin of 11.4 percent. Inwido has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2014. Inwido has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2014.

Sustainable, Premium and Longlasting


Carlson supply a unique range of Timber and Alu Clad window and door products throughout Ireland. We offer the highest quality products manufactured across Scandinavia, guaranteeing our customers a unique selection of sustainable, premium and long lasting products to a world class Scandinavian design.

As part of the Inwido group, we have close working relationships with all of our manufacturing partners in Scandinavia including Outline Vinduer, Sokolka in Poland and Allan Brothers in the UK.

As part of Carlson’s commitment to sustainability, we have partnered with Grown Forest to plant two Native Tree Species for every customer placing an order for Carlson Windows & Doors. Why are we planting two trees? To give something back to the environment, the two tree’s represent the manufacture and journey of your order, one tree represents the manufacture of your Scandinavian Windows and Doors from our factory in Denmark, and the other tree represents the journey from there to your home. We carried out extensive research in choosing a partner for this programme and came to the conclusion that Grown Forest were the best placed to deliver our vision. Click here to learn more about Grown Forest.

Excellent Customer Care


Our unique customer service is second to none and our experienced team will guide you through the process, from early design stages to final delivery of the windows and doors. At Carlson we have a wealth of experienced technical consultants both in Ireland and at our manufacturing facilities, to ensure you receive all the advice you need to maximize the window and door solutions for your project.


Our Suppliers

As part of the Inwido Group we have close working relationships with all of our manufacturing partners, Outline Vinduer in Scandinavia, Sokolka in Poland and Allan Brothers in the UK.

Outline Vinduer

Outline Vinduer is one of Denmark´s leading producers of energy efficient windows and doors, in wood and wood/aluminium for all types of homes. The products are of a very high quality and are designed and produced in Denmark. All the windows and doors produced are made-to-measure according to the Consumers’ requirements. Outline Vinduer is a member of VSO (Danish Window Manufacturers Organisation), DVC (Danish Window Certification Authority), Byg Garantiordningen (Danish Construction Guarantee Scheme).


Sokolka windows and doors is one of the largest window and door producers in Poland, who have over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing timber products, allowing them to gather a huge wealth of knowledge and experience. Sokolka has one of the most modern manufacturing facilities amongst the timber window and door producers in Poland and this has a very positive impact on the quality of their products. They can offer windows and doors of various thermal properties, frame thicknesses, with or without external aluminium cladding and these are available in many different designs, sizes, shapes, colours and glass types.

Allan Brothers

Allan Brothers specialize in the manufacture of traditional sliding sash windows. Founded in 1811, Allan Brothers is one of Britain’s longest established window and door specialists and for over 200 years has enjoyed an enviable reputation for quality, craftsmanship and service. Today Allan Brothers provide customers with bespoke timber windows and doors, which combine the natural charm and beauty of timber with durability and performance.

Our Environmental Policy & Sustainability

From an environmental point of view, the ability to retain indoor heat is one of the most important features of a window. Our climate-smart products have been designed and manufactured with an environmental policy and sustainability in mind. Energy conservation is a top priority for all Carlson windows and doors.

  • Wood is the only truly renewable building material and is 100% recyclable. Wood is also extremely resistant and many timber windows in use today are more than 100 years old.
  • Carlson are an eco-friendly company, so where possible, we will provide products which are made of recyclable or reusable materials.
  • Raw materials and resources will be selected from sustainable renewable resources where possible
  • Carlson products will be manufactured from materials which take the least amount of energy to produce. We are committed to promoting the use of the best possible energy savings products available.
  • Production waste is recycled, where possible, or used for other purposes such as reheating the factories. Materials for protecting products during transportation will be recycled where possible.
  • Products used to protect and preserve the windows and doors have been selected based on the environmental impact they have and are typically water based. Large investments in production technology ensure no excess material leaves the fully controlled environment in our facilities
  • Carlson Products all use timber which come from sustainable well-managed forests in Scandinavia and are FSC Forest Stewardship Council Certified. The increased use of sustainable timber has also resulted in the additional planting of trees, with more trees planted than are felled.
  • Sustainable timber provides a building material that is strong, lightweight, durable and attractive, but also provides significant benefits for the environment
Collaborating with Grown Forest
Carlson and Growth Forest Collaboration: Driving Sustainability and Planting for a Greener Future

Carlson has teamed up with Growth Forest, a leading organization dedicated to preserving our precious forests. Together, we’re embarking on a ground-breaking collaboration that aims to drive sustainability and make a positive impact on our environment. And that’s not all – we’re proud to announce that with every order, we’ll be planting two trees, because at Carlson, we genuinely care about sustainability!

Sustainability is at the core of our values and drives everything we do. We understand the urgency to address climate change and reduce our ecological footprint. That’s why our partnership with Growth Forest holds immense significance for us.

At Carlson, sustainability is more than just a buzzword – it’s a genuine passion. We’re taking real action to drive positive change. Through our collaboration with Growth Forest, we’re making strides towards a greener future. Together, we’re embracing responsible practices and actively working to preserve our planet for generations to come.

Our Timber

The manufacture of some of our Scandinavian Timber window and doors begins literally right out of the forest. In the pine forests in the North of Sweden the best timber is selected.

The Natural Durability of our Timber Windows & Doors

As a tree increases in diameter the inner portion of sapwood becomes inactive and finally ceases to function as the cells die, this inert portion is called heartwood. Its name derives solely from its position in the tree and not from any vital importance to the tree.

The heartwood is filled with resin, which is nature’s own preservative and the best waterproofing against rot and fungus.  The outer exposed parts of our windows and doors consist of at least 90% heartwood, which ensures that the timber window and doors are extremely high quality and durable.

The majority of the timber used is from FSC certified wood . FSC is an international labeling scheme that gives you a guarantee for responsible forest management.

How we ensure you get the Highest Quality Timber Windows & Doors

In our production facilities in Denmark only two thirds of the timber makes the grade after testing and sorting. The selected timber is planed, scanned and filmed so that any knots, cracks, pockets of resin and defects are revealed. After the scanning process the wood is cut and the defects are removed, the timber is then press bonded together into 6 meter lengths.

These joints are called comb joints which form the building blocks of our products. Comb joints have many technical and aesthetic advantages. They have great stability and strength as well as a uniform surface, with only a few small knots on visible surfaces and a very minimal risk of resin content. The timber is then treated with an environmentally friendly water based impregnation system.

Customer Service

At Carlson we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products and service. This commitment not only refers to the sale, fitting and delivery process of your custom doors & windows, but we also offer a comprehensive after sales service to include full 10 Year Product Warranty.

Meet The Team

Michael Dunne

Managing Director

Eamon Lawlor

Sales and Marketing Manager

Julie White

Financial Controller

Shane Kinsella

Contracts Manager

Shaun Kerrigan

Project Manager

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Logistics Coordinator

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Estimating and Surveying

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Account Assistant

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Site Service Technician

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Project Manager

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Site Service Coordinator

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Digital Marketing

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Project Manager

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Jacqueline Quinn

Project Manager

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Sales Executive

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Site Service Technician
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Carlson has the expertise and experience to ensure your window and door project is completed with minimal disruption to your lifestyle.

When you are looking for windows and doors for a house, whether for a new build or replacement a visit to our extensive showroom is a must. There, one of our experienced staff can demonstrate our wide range of door and window styles and discuss your individual requirements.

Pricing & Ordering

If you have just started on your new project you will have many choices to make. One of the most fundamental is new windows and doors, which can have a big impact on your build.
Give yourself enough time to choose the style you want, obtain a quote and get your order in to avoid delaying your project.

Features & Benefits

We specialize in premium quality, energy efficient windows and doors with a 10 Year Product Warranty, low u-Values and excellent safety and security locking systems.
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