Luxury in Dalkey

Vistas stretch from the Pigeon House all the way to Howth - viewed through triple glazed AluClad windows and doors.

Views of Dublin Bay

Behind the Victorian villa of Santa Maria on Cunningham Drive and the modern bungalows on Cunningham Drive, lay a hidden and beautiful site, characterised by its steep slope, slightly ‘hollowed out’ and enclosed nature locally, and with fantastic views out to Dalkey and Dublin Bay.

Carlson aluclad windows Ireland

Designing and Developing Enderly

“This really was a labour of love and took a lot longer than we anticipated,” says Eugene Larkin, chairman of Twinlite, the developer behind Enderly.

There was an inherent level of untapped potential on the site.  This was a unique opportunity to develop special and creative homes at a spectacular site.

JFOC Architects were engaged to undertake this challenging project.  The opportunities and unprecedented challenges ran in parallel on this site; the gradient, the context, the materiality and the views.

Large Windows & Sliding Doors

Large windows and sliding doors were installed to capture the beautiful views over Dalkey and Dublin Bay .

Carlson were chosen to supply the triple glazed AluClad windows and doors throughout the development.

Naturally, AluClad offers the choice of dual colours.  Here the colours chosen were RAL 7011 (Iron Grey) on the exterior and RAL 9001 (Cream) on the interior.

This luxury scheme in Dalkey has been completed with the finest of finishes.

Unprecedented Construction Challenges

Stone and rock were to become the building blocks for this development.

“Due to the deep granite, and the proximity of neighbours, we could not blast the bedrock – as one would normally do – so it had to be done by bore holes through the rock to create fissures.”

The site which is purported to be the largest rock excavation for an Irish residential scheme, involved 2,300 truckloads of rock being removed from the site.


Maximising the Views

The property is inverted to maximise the views from the living and dining areas on the upper floors.

The development consists of eighteen houses.  It was designed as a series of 5 blocks, each of which reacted and engaged with the changing context, boundaries and aspect of the site.

To say that nothing has been overlooked is an understatement, down to the St Ives Cream Rustica bricks, imported from Belgium.

Triple Glazed Windows & Doors

While dwelling types and scales vary, a clear palette of materials has been utilised throughout.

This includes a high quality brick finish, cut-stone cladding, with cut stone plinths, copings, bandings and cills, zinc roofs and high specification triple glazing.

A contemporary interpretation of a ‘porch’ and pillars has been repeated and varied throughout the development to define and highlight the entrances, with varying contemporary bays.



Carlson Aluclad Windows

The perfect low-maintenance choice.

Featuring the warmth of solid timber on the inside and extra protection aluminium cladding on the outside, they’re long-lasting and energy efficient.

Carlson Aluclad Doors

Strong and durable Aluclad on the exterior combined with the warmth and the beauty of wood on the interior make our doors both striking and virtually maintenance-free.

What Our Clients Say

After a lot of research we felt that Carlson offered a vastly superior product than any other company in Ireland at a price which reflected great value for money.

The windows arrived on time and in our experience Carlson have set the standard in great customer service.

Donal & Elizabeth

What Our Clients Say

May I take this opportunity to say that we are extremely pleased with the transformation of our house and especially with the efficient way the job was carried out. Special thanks to Roy for the way he managed the whole installation and his expert advice leading up to our decision to go with Carlson Windows.

John & Gemma

What Our Clients Say

Many thanks to you and your many colleagues at Carlson for a faultless project.

From placing the order to finishing the installation the professionalism of you and your team has been excellent.

I would be happy to recommend you to any future customers seeking a reference.