Choosing the Best Sliding Patio Doors for your Home

Choose stylish Sliding Glass Patio doors for your home and enjoy the feeling of space and light.

Bring in the Outdoors

Glass Patio Doors are a wonderful way of bringing the garden into your home, flooding your room with light and extending the seasons even on duller days.

A really popular choice is the Sliding Patio Door, a practical and versatile option.

You can transform a whole wall with a Sliding Glass Door giving you far more light than any window.  The added advantage is easy access to your garden.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding Glass Doors are naturally space saving as they neither open in nor out of your room, giving you more choices when locating your furniture.

Many Sliding Patio Doors are made up of two panels, where one panel slides on a track past the other fixed panel.  The opening panel can be located on the left or right hand side, as suits you.

A four panel sliding door is another alternative.  This gives you the option of centering the sliding doors with a fixed panel on either side.  If you have the width in a room, this style can give you a really large and uninterrupted view when open.

Wide Range of Sizes and Materials

These days sliding glass doors can be made in very large sizes giving you generous access in and out of the house. This is a wonderful feature when entertaining outdoors as well as being ideal for access.  You can find our minimum and maximum sizes here. Or contact us and we can advise.

Our Patio Doors are available in Aluclad & Timber and can come in either double or triple glazing.

You can also choose dual colour, which means you can have one colour on the exterior and a completely different colour on the interior.

This can be so important as you may want a dark grey on the outside to blend with the brickwork but would prefer a light colour on the inside to suit your interior decoration.

Choosing Quality

But it’s not all about the look.  The quality of the Sliding Door you choose is absolutely vital as you will want it to glide effortlessly for many years to come.

Our Sliding Patio Doors slide on a track fitted to the bottom of the frame rather than hanging from a track at the top of the frame, which could in time cause sagging and sticking of the heavy sliding door.

For safety, you can choose toughened or laminated glass and for security our Sliding Doors have multi point locking systems.

Keeping out the Cold

But Sliding Glass Doors aren’t just ideal in the summertime. In the winter, when it’s cold,  it’s nice to look outside and still feel warm and cosy.

Our doors are so well sealed and insulated you won’t have to worry about draughts or heat loss.  Whether you choose double or triple glazing all our sliding doors have low u-values and are designed to cope with the harshest Scandinavian winters.

As Sliding glass doors allow plenty of light in, it’s great for living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Having a room full of natural sunlight, means less need for indoor lights during the winter.


Combining Sliding Patio Door Styles

In the house below the architect has designed the house with a variety of glass walls and combined two different styles of our sliding glass doors.  The result is plenty of light and easy access to the garden and patios.


2-Panel & 4-Panel Sliding Glass Patio Doors

You can see on the left hand side there is a very large fixed floor to ceiling glass window.  In the center is our 2-panel sliding door.  On the right hand side the architect chose our 4-panel sliding door.  These are amazing when open as both center panels slide across and it literally opens up the room to the garden and patio. They are so ideal for parties or sunny days, when you just want to step outside.

Floor Levels

One really nice thing to have with such large openings is the same floor level from inside to outside.  That way you don’t have to worry about steps down to your patio.  By having it all on the same level it really gives you that feeling of an indoor outdoor room.

Glazing Bar Details

The other thing you might notice about these sliding doors is the use of glazing bars.  The architect has chosen to add a very slim glazing bar to the sliding glass doors.  This is very much a style option and can often tie in with the look they owners want to achieve for their home.  Carlson can create any of these looks depending on your requirements.

Dual Colours

The owners of this house have chosen the colour RAL 7030 (Stone Grey) on the exterior and RAL 9002 (Grey White) on the inside.

You can imagine how these sliding glass doors might look if they were in Jet Black, changing the look altogether.  The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

What Our Clients Say

"Am I happy with Carlson windows and doors? Absolutely! Being a bit of a nerd, I spent a long time researching the available scientific data on heat retention, costs, benefits, testimonials with a questioning attitude and a dash of skepticism.

The final decision was made when I spoke to two home owners with personal experience of Carlson, and saw for myself the finished product years after installation. I was very impressed by the knowledgeable salesman, no pressure tactics, just answered our questions in a straightforward manner. He didn't over-promise, but his colleagues certainly delivered, on time, on budget and with minimal disruption to our busy family.

The team doing the installation, took an obvious pride in their work and the company they work for. I enjoyed several mugs of tea with the team; they were clean, tidy, hard-working, reliable, efficient, unobtrusive and professional.

A year later, I am delighted I chose Carlson, perhaps not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. I would be delighted to talk to any potential customers, and no I'm getting nothing for this testimonial."

Brendan, Mount Merrion