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What is GRP Wood?

GRP stands for Glass-Fibre Reinforced Polyester more commonly known as Fibreglass. It is a modern composition of materials reinforced by fine fibres made of glass.

GRP has the following characteristics:

  • lightweight,
  • naturally insulating
  • extremely strong and robust
  • is recyclable; and
  • virtually maintenance free.

GRP is a high strength construction material that guarantees very long life and has demonstrated its durability in wind turbine blades and bridges and can withstand even highly corrosive environments such as found in the chemicals industry.

As GRP is extremely tough it is ideal for harsh weather conditions. It is such a versatile and well proven construction material that it can be used for many applications.

Our GRP Wood windows have been developed to take advantage of the qualities of this material and are a composite made up of a structural profile of GRP on the outside with scandinanian timber on the inside, thereby combining the benefits of both materials.

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