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Why Choose Timber Windows & Doors?

There are many reasons to choose timber products:

  • Wood has a proven durability as an appropriate material for windows and doors, particularly in harsh climates.
  • Wood is 100% renewable and offers long term value as an easily maintained natural material. 
  • Timber has an elegant appearance and feel, with unquestionable thermal performance, required for today’s tough construction regulations.
  • Timber is the only naturally renewable material for windows. 
  • The total amount of energy used to make a timber windows & doors is 20% of the energy required to make a (PVC) plastic window.
  • The timber used in our products is responsibly sourced from well managed forests. For every tree felled, two others are planted. This environmentally responsible approach to forestry ensures that timber resources are sustainable.
  • Our Timber windows & doors use less energy to manufacture than those made from any other material, therefore reducing carbon emissions to the atmosphere. 
  • Our double and triple glazed windows and doors provide good energy efficiency, so will continue to save carbon emissions throughout their long life. 
  • Very few window materials compare to timber in terms of character, style and versatility.
  • As a natural product, it brings warmth, good looks and added value to any property. Couple this with high quality glazing and factory applied modern decorating techniques, and your timber windows will provide you with long lasting high performance for years to come.

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