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HEAT LOSS                                   

As a large part of a house's heat loss occurs through the windows and doors, it is vital when making the decision to replace windows and doors, that you replace them with ones that will minimize heat loss and condensation.

Carlson supply energy efficient windows using Low ‘E’ Argon filled glazed units on virtually all of our products. This means that the inside of the inner pane of glass is coated with a thin invisible metallic film - this allows sunlight to enter through the glass, but slows heat leaving, the double glazed unit is also filled with argon gas which helps keep the heat inside.

Carlson also uses a synthetic hermetically sealed spacer bar, this also reduces the amount of heat conducted through the window, helps reduce condensation and also reduces reflection.

Standard Double Glazed Units Low 'E' Argon Filled Double Glazed Unit

Energy Efficient Windows

We specialise in energy efficient windows that can have U-values of windows as low as 0.61W/m2K, which reduces heat loss and minimizes condensation. All clear glass used is Low Energy glass. This means that more heat comes in through the glass than goes out. The inner layer of glass is treated with a special coating that reflects heat back into the room..

If you have particularly challenging requirements we can provide windows with even higher performance capabilities to meet 21st century demands. Whether it’s for SBD (Secured by Design), noise reduction, zero carbon housing (Passiv Housing) or other requirements, we have a solution to help you achieve your goals of joining energy efficient homes and saving on enrgy costs.  For more information Contact Us.

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