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The Budget 2014 Finance Bill provides for a Home Owners Renovation (HRI) Scheme which will run until the end of December 2016. The supply and fit of new windows and doors is eligible.

Tax relief will be offered in the form of a tax credit of 13.5% of all qualifying expenditure in relation to repair, renovation and improvement work. Click here for more details.

Only tax compliant Window and Door Contractors are eligible under the scheme.

View Carlson's  tax compliance on the Revenue's  website

To do this complete the following steps:

  • Click on this link to the Revenue's website
  • Choose the option to :  "Verify tax clearance certificate"
  • You will be prompted to confirm you have permission to view, confirm as "Yes"
  • Enter the details below
  • Carlson Registration Number 8227444W
  • Tax Certificate Number 08227444-28861F
  • The Revenue Commissioners website will then confirm that Carlson & Co are fully tax compliant
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