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Environmental Policy and Sustainability

Whether you are installing windows in a new build or replacing existing windows, it is good to know that the product you choose has been designed and manufactured with an environmental policy and sustainability in mind.

Carlson products are designed in collaboration with local environmental regulations. Energy conservation is a top priority for all Carlson windows and doors.

  • Wood is the only truly renewable building material and is 100% recyclable. Wood is also extremely resistant and many timber windows in use today are more than 100 years old
  • Carlson are an eco windows company so where possible, will provide products which are made of recyclable or reusable materials.
  • Raw materials and resources will be selected from sustainable renewable resources where possible.
  • Carlson products will be manufactured from materials which take the least amount of energy to produce. We are committed to promoting the use of the best possible energy savings products available. 
  • Production waste is recycled, where possible, or used for other purposes such as shielding material. Materials for protecting products during transportation will be recycled where possible.
  • Chemicals used to protect and preserve the windows and doors have been selected based on the environmental impact they have. Large investments in production technology ensure no excess material leaves the fully controlled environment in our facilities
  • Carlson Products all use timber which come from sustainable well-managed forests in Scandinavia and are FSC Forest Stewardship Council Certified. These forests are managed to ensure that timber resources are conserved. For every tree felled, two are planted. As a windows company, Carlson have a focus on supplying eco windows to help maintain the environment. Sustainable timber provides a building material that is strong, lightweight, durable and attractive, but also provides significant benefits for the environment.

The increased use of timber has increased the planting of trees and more trees are planted now than are felled. Young trees are said to be more effective at absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen so it is important to keep this planting procedure in place. This means that supplies are constantly replenished for the benefit of us now and in the future.

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