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Delivery and storage

We offer fast  Doors and Windows delivery for most of our product range however, this is dependent on the products and quantities ordered. Carlson not only deliver doors & windows in Dublin but also all over Ireland. In general Window and Door Deliveries take place within 4-6 weeks once order confirmation has been received.  For confirmation of window & door delivery times, please  contact us.

We will notify you when to expect your Windows and Door delivery and also confirm the size and weight of the pallets to be unloaded. Your order will then be delivered by truck on a pallet, which will be shrink–wrapped for transportation purposes. If you have questions about your delivery, please contact us.

Your delivery will take place as close to the time of fitting as possible. Whilst being stored on site, windows and doors are at a high risk of damage.

Below please find some guidelines in relation to the delivery and storage of Carlson windows & doors.

  • The unloading and handling of windows and doors must be conducted in a safe and careful manner so as not to damage the window frame or glazing.
  • We strongly recommend that windows and doors are stored indoors and vertical where ever possible on a level flat surface. Every effort should be taken to prevent the units from falling over.
  • Always allow free air circulation around window and door storage. Never allow moisture and condensation to accumulate.
  • Avoid warping by storing and distributing weight evenly on timber battens
  • If it is necessary to store windows outside, this should be for the minimum time possible and protection should be provided from the elements.

Please Contact Us for any queries you might have about Doors & WIndows Delivery.

See also our FAQs.for further information on our services.

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