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Carlson U-Value Windows Ratings

The window industry measures the energy efficiency of their products in terms of thermal transmission, or U-value. The U-value of windows measures the rate of heat transfer through a product. The lower the U-value of a window, the lower the amount of heat loss, and the better a product is at insulating a building.

Carlson specialises in energy efficient eco windows and doors that have u-values as low as 0.61W/m2K as shown below.

Product Type Std. Windows U-value Double Glazed Std. Windows U-value Triple Glazed Glass Energy Rating Double Glazed Glass Energy Rating Triple Glazed
Timber  1.35W/m2K  N/A  uG 1.1  N/A
Alu Clad  1.35W/m2K  0.99W/m2K  uG 1.1  uG 0.6
Alu Wood Classic  1.35W/m2K  N/A  uG 1.0  N/A
Alu Wood Classic +  N/A  0.66W/m2K  N/A  uG 0.4
GRP Wood  0.99W/m2K  0.61W/m2K  uG 0.7  uG 0.4
  •  The U-values of windows detailed above are for the whole window, including glazing, frame and spacer bars.
  • Centre-of-glass u-value (uG) describes the performance of the glazing alone without the effects of the frame.
  • For most energy efficient windows, the whole window U-value is higher than the centre-of-glass U-value (uG).
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