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Building Standards

Carlson Windows and Doors - Exceeding Irish & UK Building Regulations

With tough carbon targets to meet, rising fuel costs and energy efficiency high on the agenda, building standards are forecast to get much tighter. It is predicted that eventually all new builds in the UK & Ireland will be expected to have windows with U-values of less than 1.0 W/m2K.

The recently recorded cold winters and continuing increases in fuel prices lead to increased interest in energy efficiency and savings. For many of us the cost of household energy has soared in recent years.

Carlson’s energy efficient timber and aluclad windows and doors are designed and manufactured in Denmark, where extreme winter conditions are the norm. Therefore, it is not surprising that even our entry-level bespoke doors and windows are currently exceeding building regulations in Ireland and the UK.

Extreme Weather

Because of their extreme winter weather, construction standards in Scandinavia are much more demanding than ours. As a result, the Scandinavian producers are constantly developing newer, thermally enhanced products to achieve some of the best U-values around the world. 

Irish Building Regulations

Click here to view the Department of the Environment's Irish Building Regulations

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