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About the Timber

Where the Timber for your Windows & Doors Comes From

The manufacture of some of our Scandinavian Timber window and doors begins literally right out of the forest. In the pine forests in the North of Sweden the best timber is selected which is between 120 -150 years old.

As a tree increases in diameter the inner portion of sapwood becomes inactive and finally ceases to function as the cells die, this inert portion is called heartwood. Its name derives solely from its position in the tree and not from any vital importance to the tree.

The Natural Durability of our Timber Windows & Doors

The heartwood is filled with resin, which is nature's own preservative and the best waterproofing against rot and fungus. Our manufacturers exploit the natural durability of the Heartwood. The outer, exposed parts of windows and doors consist of at least 90° heartwood, this ensures that the timber window and doors are of a high quality and durability.

The majority of the timber used is from FSC certified wood . FSC is an international labeling scheme that gives you a guarantee for responsible forest management.

How we ensure you get the Highest Quality Timber Windows & Doors

The timber is then transported to the production facilities in Denmark, here the lengths of timber are tested and sorted, only two thirds of the timber make the grade. The selected timber is planed, scanned and filmed so that any knots, cracks, pockets of resin and defects are revealed. After the scanning process the wood is cut and the defects are removed, the timber is then press bonded together into 6 meter lengths.

These joints are called comb joints which form the building blocks of our products. Comb joints have many technical and aesthetic advantages. They have great stability and strength as well as a uniform surface, with only a few small knots on visible surfaces and a very minimal risk of resin content. The timber is then treated with an environmentally friendly water based impregnation system. 

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